Letting the Earth Teach Us Torah: Temple Beth Shalom Congregational Retreat - February 11-12, 2017

Everyone -- and we do mean everyone -- is invited to a winter getaway weekend of celebrating Shabbat and Tu B'Shevat, relaxing, learning, and socializing with family and friends at Punderson Manor State Park Lodge.

About Us

Temple Beth Shalom

Hudson, OH

Temple Beth Shalom, the Synagogue of the Western Reserve, is a Reform Jewish congregation, affiliated with the national organizations of that movement. As a congregation we uphold the principles of Reform Judaism, including the belief that Judaism is a progressive, evolving religion whose practices and tenets are rooted in Torah. We cherish community with the people of Israel and adapt to the changing world around us. We dedicate ourselves to serving God in the pursuit of bettering ourselves and our world through study, action, and living in accord with Jewish values. Membership in Temple Beth Shalom is open to all Jews and their families who uphold these tenets.Here you let your customers get to know you. Tell them a little bit about yourself and why you created this business. Do you have a passion, hobby or life experience that inspired you to get started? Do you have special skills or training that make you an expert in your field? Show your customers that there are real people with interesting stories working behind the scenes. Helping customers feel connected to you and your purpose will inspire more trust in your brand.

Retreat Location

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge

11755 Kinsman Road Newbury, OH 44065



Saturday 10 AM


Sunday 1 PM